Cancellation Policy

The minimum required deposit is equal to 50% of all services contracted.(Unless stated otherwise at checkout for the item(s) in your cart) .  Sorry, however Deposits are non-Refundable for any reason. Any amounts paid in excess of the required deposit specified for each package, MAY  be refundable in accordance with our cancellation policy, depending on the date cancellation is requested. See Cancellation policy below.  EXCEPTION, if you book and change your mind within 5 Calender days,  you will be entitled to a full refund, less the cost of wedding permit, and the lessor amount of $150 processing fee or the actual fees we paid to process your original payment.  Why do we charge this? When you purchase something with a credit card online the merchant gets charged a percentage by a bank to handle and process that transaction electronically if you cancel that transaction after the fact the merchant does not get refunded for the fees that they are charged and the reason why is because the bank did their job they process the transaction whether you return it or not it doesn't negate the fact that they need to be compensated for the service they provided because what we sell are more expensive items there $500 and up we don't feel it's fair for us to be on the hook for what can amount to hundreds of dollars in fees we get it that people change their minds which is why this policy exists but at the same time we can't afford to absorb hundreds of dollars of fees for cancellations.
 Regarding why beach permit fees are not refunded....Beach wedding permit fees paid at booking are charged in addition to your required deposit amount. These fees are paid directly to the state of Alabama and are not refundable once they are paid and the permit is issued.  Permit fees are not part of your deposit, they are an additional separate fee . A beach wedding permit fee is charged separately and its do upon booking along with the 50% deposit . The minimum Deposit equals 50% of the services you order from us, and then to that amount,   the full fee for the beach wedding permit fee will be added. This combined amount, is how how much your credit card will be charged upon booking.

Should you decide to cancel your event, no refunds shall be made on your deposit amount.

NOTE:  If you  need to cancel your event because something came up that is prohibiting you or family/friends from attending, you are encouraged to reschedule to a new date as long as your new event date occurs within 6 months from your original date.(New reschedule date has to be a date that we also have availability) If you are unable to reschedule, refunds will be issued in accordance with our cancellation policy as shown below or on your event agreement.

1.)No refunds of any kind shall be given for break-ups, change of heart, calling off the wedding and/or  cold feet, and other similar circumstances, regardless of when your request to cancel is made. This clause will supersede all other provisions of the cancellation policy terms as applicable.

2.)We are unable to issue a refund of any kind for any events either cancelled 120 days or less from your scheduled event date (as shown on page one of your event agreement)   - or-   if your event is booked 120 days or less from your actual event date.  IE. You book on May 1st, 2021 and your wedding date is August 25th ,  2021, then you cannot cancel for a refund of any kind, with the exception of the 5-day grace period explained above.

3.)Should you cancel your event anytime between 121 to 160 days from your actual event date, you will receive a refund of 50% percent of any amounts you  paid that exceeds  the required deposit amount that was required to secure the specific package/services you have booked. This refund percentage amount is representative of our net mitigated loss.   

4.)Any amounts paid above the required deposit amount that are cancelled 161 days or more from your event date, shall be refunded at a rate of 95%,   The refund amount is greater in this scenario because we have a greater chance of reselling the event date to further reduce our potential loss, resulting in a larger refund.

5.)Regardless of the date canceled, any refunds issued may be further reduced by any amount(s) we may have been required to pay to a third party on your behalf, should we be unable to recover our money back from the third-party vendor(s) as a result of  your cancellation. Examples of these payments are, but not limited to, any deposits paid by us on your behalf to third parties for rented event space, DJ services, Photography services, Videography services, Ministerial services, or any other legitimate third-party services that may have been necessary to perform your event. In addition any amounts we paid out for permits and any amounts that we were charged for processing fees are also not refundable and will be subtracted from your available refund amount.


SEVERE WEATHER SUCH AS HURRICANES in pandemics and other such Force Mejure events are covered in detail in your wedding agreement . However generally speaking , if such an event should occur, your wedding will not be eligible for cancellation or refund of any kind.  Instead it shall be rescheduled to a different date that is available to both of us; you will not be charged any rescheduling fees for this.  NOTE: We highly recommend you purchase wedding insurance through a licensed  third party insurance provider. Wedding insurance is not expensive and it does protect you in case something were to occur that may potentially interrupt your wedding or cost you additional money that wasn't planned for.  An example of this: your wedding dress gets ruined; you miss your flight;  The Bridesmaids all get the flu and we need to move the wedding date;  the wedding gets temporarily called off and rescheduled severe or inclement weather that will cause the wedding to be temporarily called off and rescheduled due to severe weather.  Your  wedding  insurance protects you and covers your losses under these circumstances and in most cases it costs very little money.  A wedding of $1,000 in total cost will cost approximately $50 to insure . So, for about the price of a steak dinner you protect your entire wedding investment; it's kind of a no-brainer and we highly recommend it!!

Should a severe weather event occur such as a hurricane occur, although we do not offer any refunds, your event may be transferable to a new rescheduled date which must take place up to 6 months from your original date that is mutually available to us and you.

US MILITARY DEPLOYMENT:(with written confirmation of Deployment Orders)

Deposits and or payments are non refundable. However, you can  reschedule to a new date as long as your event occurs within 12 months from your original date.(New reschedule date has to be a date that we also have availability)

Happy Wedding Planning! 50% booking deposits are not refundable. Please see cancellation policy for details. cancellation policy can be found in sitemap.