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This is an ADD-ON Service. You may add this service to your Wedding Package / Reception already booked with us. 

  • This is for the service of " Bartender for the 3 hours of Wedding Reception" at the Reception Venue location. NO ALCOHOL INCLUDED.
  • The bartender will serve whatever Beer Wine and/or liquor you provide, don't forget the mixers.
  • The drinks the bartender makes will be on the rocks, no blended or frozen (with a blender) drinks.
  • All Items you provide must be seal from the store. No "handmade" mixes /items or open containers allowed for the reception by Health Department law. 
  • As far as specialty cocktails, candy, cupcakes for the candy or sweets table (if any), etc. that you may want to bring, all the ingredients / items must be store-bought and Factory sealed.... Nothing homemade or in open containers or packages are allowed in our venue, per the State Health Department law. 
  • Please use only cans or plastic bottles to avoid possible accidents or broken glass.  This applies to drinks that people will be holding and walking away from the bar with them in their hands, such as beer bottles, sodas, wine coolers, etc. These must be plastic or cans to avoid accidents. Many people, including kids, like to go barefoot on the dance floor and the entire venue.  The liquor bottles are OK if they are glass as they will be stationary behind the bar and handled by the bartender
  • There are no Kegs allowed in our venue
  • We provide non-breakable glasses for drinks and/or wine, however if you will be providing Champagne, don't forget the disposable champagne glasses/flutes. We do not provide those.
  • Lastly, PROTECT YOURSELF..., get Wedding Insurance to cover you for Liability in case of Alcohol related accidents, bad weather, illness expenses, lost items, travel expenses due to delays, etc. We provided you with the name of 2 reputable companies in your Wedding Booklet for you to get Wedding Insurance.


To make your Wedding Reception more memorable and fun event, add this service to it.

We highly recommend this service for an STRESS FREE Wedding Reception.

Call us for an availability prior to making this purchase.
Phone: 251-202-7733 OR 866-207-9447

The Reception Location is written in your Wedding Agreement.


Thank you.

Happy Wedding Planning! 50% booking deposits are not refundable. Please see cancellation policy for details. cancellation policy can be found in sitemap.